International Student Profile: Shubh Parekh

Shubh Parekh, a junior from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, finished five sentences about his St. Andrew’s experience as an international student.
Before coming to school in the United States, I was most worried about whether I would be able to make friends easily.
I came to St. Andrew’s, because my brother attended St. Andrew’s. Our family chose this school, because we knew the school gives a lot of attention to each student.
When I first came to St. Andrew’s, the transition to St. Andrew’s was eased by the concept of family within the community, which really brought my brother and me to the school.
St. Andrew’s is special for me, because I’ve been given the chance to participate in different activities and leadership positions, which have helped me learn my own strengths and weaknesses. I am a part of the Chapin List, which are students selected as leaders, who must complete a project before graduation to better the community.
My advice for other international students looking at St. Andrew’s is to take risks, be ambitious with your ideas, and open up to all the new ones you come across.



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